J-Music Fan

I'm a huge anime fan and extremely love J-Music

I’ve been watching anime for several decades.
It all started with various anime series that I saw on TV as a small child. And since then, I’ve continued to watch anime.

As a small child I started to sing along with the openings (on German TV some of them were already in German).

I still fondly remember the German Openings of Digimon, Sailor Moon or Kickers.

I was also in Japan for the first time about 10 years ago and I was fascinated by the culture there. But I have to admit, as a European I also had a culture shock at first 😉 In the meantime I have been to Japan very often, especially often there, for concerts, I especially love the Animelo or Animax Music events. And at these concerts I am always fascinated by the enthusiasm the fans show there.

Unfortunately, I had a very negative experience while visiting Japan, but I don’t want to go into that now. But there are shadow pages all over the world, that’s the way this world is.

I will try to offer this website in several languages. English and Japanese are already set. I don’t know yet whether I will offer this website completely in German. But especially the languages mentioned above will be there, starting with English of course. Japanese will follow a few days later and this language will exist 100%, if only out of respect for Japanese music artists.

But enough of me now, if someone wants to know more about me, just write me an email or, best of all, just contact me via Twitter.

This website is from an J-Music Fan to J-Music Fans